UPDATE: WebRTC Enabled Video Conference App (APK included)

I am releasing a Webrtc enabled video conferencing script.

The script is written in python and react.

The code covers complete multi-party video conferencing solution just like a zoom meeting including the following features

  1. Screen sharing: Share your screen with the participants,
  2. Conference Calls: Multi-party Conference calls for up to 32 participants.
  3. Replace your chat background with a single click – make it look professional
  4. Raise hand (icon) to catch attention of host.
  5. Control bandwidth: Get the app working for even the slowest of connections by changing a few parameters.
  6. File upload and share: Upload and share any files from your computer with the participants
  7. Whiteboard integration: Explain something on a virtual whiteboard to all participants. Let others share and edit the whiteboard.
  8. Record Video chat Record full/partial/any specific time range of the video conversation and store/upload it to any cloud hosting (with API)
  9. Capture any image on your mobile phone and upload to share with the group
  10. Take survey of participants: Create and upload a survey dynamically to the chat participants. Store results in database and create reports and share. (New feature)
  11. Note taking: Take notes on the side while meeting is going on.
  12. Push notification for users: Send push notifications to users before start of a meeting. (New feature)
  13. Camera control: PAN/TILT/ZOOM action for super admins. (*needs additional script installation)
  14. Full source code included.

IMPORTANT: The push notification system DOES NOT use any 3rd party vendor system to store and serve the messages. The complete system is created from scratch giving you full control over the server and security. Some other systems currently on the market are using 3rd party servers, thereby exposing their clients/customers data to hacking and security breach.

UPDATE: Now android APK included for native Webrtc calls from mobile to mobile and mobile to pc and vice versa.

UPDATE: Now payment solution added to script using Stripe. So you can charge users for participating, making it ideal for a one – on – one paid training session or one – to – many (or even many – to – many) corporate training sessions. This feature is an add-on which means you can elect to switch it off for the entire platform or just activate it for specific sessions.

UPDATE: Now added option for super admin to control participants camera through a web interface. Supported actions are Pan/Tilt/Zoom. This feature is disabled by default.

UPDATE: Now integrated a survey taking system where participants can take a survey and provide their feedbacks.

Use cases: This APP can have diverse use case scenarios depending on your or your organizations requirements. A few examples are –

  1. End to end business communication channel
  2. Corporate virtual training platform
  3. Remote learning platform for schools
  4. Telemedicine applications

Get details (price/demo/installation/customization) by sending a message at webdesignvista[at]gmail.com Use the subject line Webrtc Script Enquiry.

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