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UPDATE: WebRTC Enabled Video Conference App

I am releasing a Webrtc enabled video conferencing script. Get details (price/demo) by sending me a message at info[at]webdesignvista.com, Use the subject line Webrtc Script Enquiry.

The script is written in python and react.

The code covers complete multi-party video conferencing solution just like a zoom meeting including the following features

  1. Screen sharing
  2. Conference calls for up to 32 participants
  3. Video background replacement
  4. Raise hand feature
  5. Bandwidth control
  6. File upload and share
  7. Video recording
  8. Note taking using whiteboards.
  9. Full source code included.

UPDATE: Now payment solution added to script using Stripe. So you can charge users for participating, making it ideal for a one – on – one paid training session or one – to – many (or even many – to – many) corporate training sessions. This feature is an add-on which means you can elect to switch it off for the entire platform or just activate it for specific sessions.

Use case: You can use this script for setting up a complete end to end business communication channel for your organization. Unlike zoom there is no limit on session duration or layered pricing. I will set up your communication servers on either AWS or Digitalocean.