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What You Need to be a Full Stack Web Developer

In the context of web development - a full stack developer is one who can handle most of the things needed in front end and back end development of a web application. There is no hard and fast rule to say ...

How to Change WordPress Post Author in Bulk

Changing WordPress post author is easy through the WordPress dashboard. You can go to post edit screen and change the author name. But that is for a single post only. What happens when you try to change multiple post ...

How a VPN Can Help You Access Restricted Websites

Do you know that when you browse the net, the whole log of your browsing history can be tracked at the ISP level and individually at the websites that you visit?! Because your data is not encrypted and your IP ...

Quantity and Add to Cart Button on New Lines – Woocommerce

The default settings of Woocommerce puts quantity and add to cart on the same line. I wanted to put them on different lines for a client site. There are several ways to do this. I will tell you the easiest ...

How to Create a DIV element using jQuery

Creating a div element in jQuery is pretty easy. There are two things you needs to do. Create the div element and then add the element somewhere. This is the shortest way to create a div element in jQuery myCustomDiv = $("<div/>"); Using ...

How to Check if a Plugin is Active in WordPress

Someone asked me this question in Since it relates to WordPress in general I thought of making a post on it. Apart from manually checking if a plugin is active, there is a simple in-built way to check if a ...

Install SSL Certificate for Localhost – XAMPP Windows

I have a Windows machine and as a developer of WordPress sites, I have to test many sites in Windows. Some of these sites require SSL connections for testing payments and one recently needed a secure connection for testing Webrtc. So ...

WordPress Hooks – Actions and Filters

When a WordPress page loads, it brings together a bunch of things. Code, stylesheet, images and video all come together to form a page. WordPress has bits of code spread throughout the source code that act as hooks. What these hooks ...

How to Fix “Briefly Unavailable for Maintenance” Notice in WordPress

This is not an error but a notice. This message usually props up when you are try to install an update. The update can be of a plugin, core or any theme. This is a way of WordPress telling people ...

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