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Inbuilt Sanitization Functions in WordPress

WordPress core has a number of inbuilt functions that can be used as sanitizers. That means, these functions can be used to sanitize user input. These functions are super handy in situations where you want to skip writing code for a ...

Adding Different Controls to The Customizer in WordPress

Controls are user interfaces used to manage theme settings. You can add controls to the theme customizer screen using the WordPress customizer API. You will use an action hook customize_register to add the controls. The hook customize_register takes a callback function. ...

Add a Checkbox Control Using Customizer API in WordPress

The inbuilt WordPress customizer gives us a great way to customize a custom theme. If you need a few theme settings added, you can do so with the customizer API which contains a very useful set of functions for this ...

Adding a Select Control Using the WordPress Customizer API

A select control allows you to pick one of many values for a theme setting. It acts as an user interface for that setting. To use the control you need to show it somewhere. The WordPress customizer screen is the best ...

Adding a Text Control Through the Customizer in WordPress

A text control can be used to manage a simple theme setting. And adding text control to a theme is fairly easy. You can use the WordPress customizer API for this purpose. This is the syntax - $wp_customizer->add_control('setting_id', $args); Here setting_id is the ...

How to Use the Customizer to Add/Update Theme Settings in WordPress

The WordPress customizer is an option that makes adding various settings for a custom theme quite easy. If you do not know what is a customizer, it is a set of options provided by WordPress to control various settings and is ...

Wrap Long Words and Long Lines of Text in WordPress

Creating a WordPress theme from ground up is a long winding process. There are hierarchies you have to keep in mind and the content loop needs to be perfect to display all types of posts. Else you have to keep ...

Adding a Custom Background in WordPress

Now and then you may want to add a background image or a color to the background in a WordPress site. There are a few ways to accomplish this. The first option that comes to mind is adding a CSS class ...

Create a Block Pattern with register_block_pattern in WordPress

Patterns are useful for styling an individual post or page in WordPress. And WordPress offers block patterns from version 5.5 A pattern is a reusable block that can be used in a WorPress page or post with just a click. It ...

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