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Create Flipp-able Books with flipHtml5

Flip HTML5 is a digital publishing platform. You can use this platform to generate to create visually attractive flipp-able online books. Using flipp-able books created with this platform gives you the experience of flipping real pages of a book. (more…) ...

Add Custom Theme settings using WordPress theme customizer API

WordPress theme customization Api is a set of functions and methods which comes inbuilt since WordPress version 3.4 These functions and methods allow theme developers to add settings to their custom themes. These custom settings can be accessed through Appearance -> ...

WP_Query vs query_posts() vs get_posts()

Most WordPress developers have used WP_Query, query_posts and get_posts at one point or the other. Question is - how do you know the use case for each? In this article i will try to clarify. First let us understand the concept of ...

Contact Form in PHP with Validation – Part II

In part I, i covered creating a database, form and entering data with validation checks. In this part i am going to show you how to display the entered messages. Let us get started. Create a new file messages.php and enter the ...

Create a PHP Contact Form with Validation – Part I

This is a basic tutorial on creating a PHP contact form with validation, in 2 parts. In part I, i will show you how to create the form and capture contact details of visitors and save in database. Part II will ...

Change Search Form HTML – WordPress

Search form is often an overlooked feature when developing new themes. But for content rich wordpress sites it is a must. In this tutorial i will show you 2 easy ways to change the HTML of wordpress search form. End ...

How to Vertically Center Align an Element in Bootstrap 4

Scenario is like this - there is a div and an element inside that div, let us say a span or a link element. This element needs to be middle aligned vertically inside the div. Apparently there are several way to ...

Create Responsive Navbar without Bootstrap

Creating a responsive navbar with bootstrap is super easy. You just have to copy the navbar element from their site, add it to your site, add the necessary JavaScript and CSS links to header and footer and voila! But adding the ...

Simple PHP Pagination With Mysql

I have a wordpress database. I will pull posts from this database and display with pagination. Lets get started. Make database connection. Obviously values below are for my own database. Change them to fit yours. (more…) ...

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