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How to Use the Customizer to Add/Update Theme Settings in WordPress

The WordPress customizer is an option that makes adding various settings for a custom theme quite easy. If you do not know what is a customizer, it is a set of options provided by WordPress to control various settings and is ...

Wrap Long Words and Long Lines of Text in WordPress

Creating a WordPress theme from ground up is a long winding process. There are hierarchies you have to keep in mind and the content loop needs to be perfect to display all types of posts. Else you have to keep ...

Adding a Custom Background in WordPress

Now and then you may want to add a background image or a color to the background in a WordPress site. There are a few ways to accomplish this. The first option that comes to mind is adding a CSS class ...

Create a Block Pattern with register_block_pattern in WordPress

Patterns are useful for styling an individual post or page in WordPress. And WordPress offers block patterns from version 5.5 A pattern is a reusable block that can be used in a WorPress page or post with just a click. It ...

What You Need to be a Full Stack Web Developer

In the context of web development - a full stack developer is one who can handle most of the things needed in front end and back end development of a web application. There is no hard and fast rule to say ...

How to Change WordPress Post Author in Bulk

Changing WordPress post author is easy through the WordPress dashboard. You can go to post edit screen and change the author name. But that is for a single post only. What happens when you try to change multiple post ...

How a VPN Can Help You Access Restricted Websites

Do you know that when you browse the net, the whole log of your browsing history can be tracked at the ISP level and individually at the websites that you visit?! Because your data is not encrypted and your IP ...

Quantity and Add to Cart Button on New Lines – Woocommerce

The default settings of Woocommerce puts quantity and add to cart on the same line. I wanted to put them on different lines for a client site. There are several ways to do this. I will tell you the easiest ...

How to Create a DIV element using jQuery

Creating a div element in jQuery is pretty easy. There are two things you needs to do. Create the div element and then add the element somewhere. This is the shortest way to create a div element in jQuery myCustomDiv = $("<div/>"); Using ...

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