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Simple PHP Pagination With Mysql

I have a wordpress database. I will pull posts from this database and display with pagination. Lets get started. Make database connection. Obviously values below are for my own database. Change them to fit yours. (more…) ...

Vue Hot Reload with Laravel Mix

When you are using Vue with laravel you have to do a refresh to see changes live - after changing a Vue component or a javascript file. Those refreshes add up over time and before you notice, eats up a ...

Python Variables – Data Types

All variables are objects in Python and can store data of the following types Text, Numeric, Binary, Boolean, Sequence, Mapping and Set (more…) ...

Learn Python – Lesson 1

Python is an object oriented high level programming language. It is primarily used for developing web applications and programs involving complex mathematical calculations. It is also used for systems scripting. Python is highly portable and Python programs can be developed under ...

Remove Unnecessary Scripts from Header in WordPress

Wordpress loads a lot of unnecessary scripts in the header section. Well not really unnecessary - they are useful if you want to use the functionalities provided by these scripts, but in most cases you would not want to use ...

Fix – Missing Default Theme Setting Options in WordPress Customizer

A default Wordpress installation comes with a lot of goodies! Among them are some theme settings which makes it easy to customize several key areas in a theme. These are the key areas (more…) ...

How to remove default sections/panels in WordPress customizer

Wordpress customizer has several default sections/panels here appearance > customize. While these provide you an option to quickly add settings/options for your theme, they also clutter up the space and in some custom themes these sections/panels may not be required ...

How to Remove Default WordPress Widgets from Admin Screen

This is tested on Wordpress 4.2 and 5.2. So it should work on any version in between. It may also work on lower versions as well but i have not tested. The default widgets on Wordpress admin panel are too ...

Custom Post Type Menu as Sub-menu in WordPress Admin Panel

Ok this needs a bit of more explanation. When you create a custom post type in wordpress, the menu link for this custom post type appears at the top-level in dashboard. For example - i have a custom post type ...

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