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How to Install and Use PHPMailer without Composer

PHPMailer is an email creation and transport class written in php. This class makes it easy to create and send text and html emails with attachments. (more…) ...

Download 50 USA States List – Excel/CSV/SQL/JSON

While working with US based clients, I often needed to use lists containing all the 50 states in the USA. In most cases this list is required in one of the following formats (more…) ...

Fix – WordPress Update Stuck on Unpacking

I came across this issue recently when i tried to update one of my wordpress blogs that was lying idle for a long time. The version it was running was 4+ and i wanted to update it to the latest ...

How to Deactivate WordPress Plugins through PHPMyAdmin

Sometimes after you migrate a wordpress site from one hosting provider to another hosting provider, errors pop up complaining about some files in some plugins. In some cases it goes totally blank. (more…) ...

How to Make Featured Image Responsive in WordPress

Featured images are not responsive out of the box in Wordpress. There is a function add_image_size() to make copies of the featured image with different dimensions, but when it comes to viewing the posts in various devices the end results ...

Create Image Zoom in / out Effect on Mouse Hover with CSS

I was looking for a way to zoom into an image on mouse hover. Turned out, it is rather easy with CSS. (more…) ...

Simple Login System in PHP Without Database

This is a tutorial on how to create a simple login system using PHP without any database. This system can be use to protect multiple files and allow only logged in users access. (more…) ...

Add Custom CSS Classes to Li and Menu Link in WordPress wp_nav_menu

Sometimes you need to customize the default wordpress menu system to add your own set of css classes. Wordpress provides a couple of filters to do that. I use these snippets to add custom classes to list items and menu ...

How to Make Pagination Work with WP_Query Custom Loop in WordPress

Wordpress default pagination does not work with custom loops created with WP_Query out of the box. So if you have a custom query like this - $custom_query = new WP_Query($args); and trying to make it work with Wordpress pagination functions like previous_posts_link(), next_posts_link() and ...

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