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Woocommerce WDV Storefront Homepage Control Plugin

Woocommerce storefront theme shows as lot of stuff on its default homepage template. Starting with a hero section on the top, it shows categories, new items, recommended, favorites and best sellers. All this can clutter up the homepage. I have ...

How to Decrease the Height of Navbar on Bootstrap 4

Navbar height in Bootstrap 4 comes from padding on its link elements and also from padding on the main navbar. To reduce height you need to remove padding on both. (more…) ...

Fix – WordPress Comment Reply Going Under Last Comment

This typically happens when the comment reply form does not show up. So clicking on the reply link/button that appears below each comment takes you to the main post comment form. And any comment posted in that form is by ...

Fix – Broken Image Paths in CSS While Using Gulp

While bundling CSS through GULP the most common problem that turns up is - broken image and font urls. It happens due to how path references work in stylesheets. Paths to images and fonts in a stysheet are "relative" to ...

Fix – “Webpack is Not Recognized” Error in Windows

It is quite common to come across this error while using webpack on windows environment for the first time. It is a path related error and the fix is quite simple. (more…) ...

Insert Custom Message Between Logo and Search Box – Storefront Theme Woocommerce

Recently i had to customize the header section of the Storefront theme for a client. The client wanted to show some message in between the LOGO/Title and the search box. (more…) ...

How to Show Different Product Image in Woocommerce Shop/Category and Single Product Pages

By default woocommerce shows the same product image on both shop/category pages and single product page. In many cases this is not ideal, as the product image is cropped in shop/category pages to fit into a display box. (more…) ...

How to Fix “sofn, dqt, or dht jpeg maker is missing before a jpg sos marker” – in Photoshop

This fix is applicable in Windows environment. I do not have a solution for mac yet. Trying to open images in Photoshop after downloading from Whatsapp? You are most likely to see this error message - "Could not complete your request because ...

How to Install and Use PHPMailer without Composer

PHPMailer is an email creation and transport class written in php. This class makes it easy to create and send text and html emails with attachments. (more…) ...

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