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Creating a Full Screen Overlay using Jquery and CSS

Recently i had to work in a project where this full screen overlay had to be shown with just a message in the middle of screen. I was already using Bootstrap 4 but did not want to put Modal Divs ...

How to Add Bootstrap 4 to an Angular 6 App

Depending on your preference there are several methods to add bootstrap styling to Angular 6 app. Method 1: This is the simplest way using CDN links for bootstrap core files and required Javascript. Get bootstrap compiled assets:  Copy the links to the main app ...

Remove an Element from an Array in Javascript

The simplest way to remove a particular element from an array in Javascript is to use the "splice()" method. First find the index of the element you want to remove with the indexOf() method.  var arr = ["apple", "mango", "orange", "banana"]; // say ...

Copy Entire Folder, Subfolder and Files in Linux

Sometimes you may need to copy an entire folder with subfolder and files inside to another folder. Use the following command: cp -r /soure/folder/* /destination/folder "-r" flag will recursively copy the subfolders and files. "*" is used to indicate everything inside the source ...

Fix MySql Server Gone Away error While importing Blob content

Typically this error occurs when a column/field contains binary objects. Binary large objects (BLOB) packet size is usually bigger than other type of content as String and Arrays.  This solution applies to windows environment only. Tested in Xampp with PHP7 and ...

Adding Push Notification to Your Web App

A push notification is a message that is pushed from a back-end server to front end - usually displayed as a pop up alert on a desktop or mobile app.  For a web application a push notification typically shows up on ...

How to Create a Custom Shape Splash Screen in Visual Basic – Visual Studio 2015

Tested in Windows XP,  Windows 7 (all versions) with Visual Studio 2015 as IDE. There is no straight property setting or configuration option available to create a Splash Screen in Windows Form Applications. Creating a custom screen is a roundabout solution ...

Download Pack of 12 High Quality Education Icons

Download pack of 12 high quality icons for your education related project. [purchase_link id="77" style="" color="" text="Education icons pack"] ...

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