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Install SSL Certificate for Localhost – XAMPP Windows

I have a Windows machine and as a developer of WordPress sites, I have to test many sites in Windows. Some of these sites require SSL connections for testing payments and one recently needed a secure connection for testing Webrtc. So ...

Contact Form in PHP with Validation – Part II

In part I, i covered creating a database, form and entering data with validation checks. In this part i am going to show you how to display the entered messages. Let us get started. Create a new file messages.php and enter the ...

Create a PHP Contact Form with Validation – Part I

This is a basic tutorial on creating a PHP contact form with validation, in 2 parts. In part I, i will show you how to create the form and capture contact details of visitors and save in database. Part II will ...

Simple PHP Pagination With Mysql

I have a wordpress database. I will pull posts from this database and display with pagination. Lets get started. Make database connection. Obviously values below are for my own database. Change them to fit yours. (more…) ...

Simple Login System in PHP Without Database

This is a tutorial on how to create a simple login system using PHP without any database. This system can be use to protect multiple files and allow only logged in users access. (more…) ...

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