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Install SSL Certificate for Localhost – XAMPP Windows

I have a Windows machine and as a developer of WordPress sites, I have to test many sites in Windows. Some of these sites require SSL connections for testing payments and one recently needed a secure connection for testing Webrtc. So ...

Python Variables – Data Types

All variables are objects in Python and can store data of the following types Text, Numeric, Binary, Boolean, Sequence, Mapping and Set (more…) ...

Learn Python – Lesson 1

Python is an object oriented high level programming language. It is primarily used for developing web applications and programs involving complex mathematical calculations. It is also used for systems scripting. Python is highly portable and Python programs can be developed under ...

Custom Post Type Menu as Sub-menu in WordPress Admin Panel

Ok this needs a bit of more explanation. When you create a custom post type in wordpress, the menu link for this custom post type appears at the top-level in dashboard. For example - i have a custom post type ...

Woocommerce WDV Storefront Homepage Control Plugin

Woocommerce storefront theme shows as lot of stuff on its default homepage template. Starting with a hero section on the top, it shows categories, new items, recommended, favorites and best sellers. All this can clutter up the homepage. I have ...

Simple Login System in PHP Without Database

This is a tutorial on how to create a simple login system using PHP without any database. This system can be use to protect multiple files and allow only logged in users access. (more…) ...

How to Make Pagination Work with WP_Query Custom Loop in WordPress

Wordpress default pagination does not work with custom loops created with WP_Query out of the box. So if you have a custom query like this - $custom_query = new WP_Query($args); and trying to make it work with Wordpress pagination functions like previous_posts_link(), next_posts_link() and ...

Creating a Full Screen Overlay using Jquery and CSS

Recently i had to work in a project where this full screen overlay had to be shown with just a message in the middle of screen. I was already using Bootstrap 4 but did not want to put Modal Divs ...

How to Add Bootstrap 4 to an Angular 6 App

Depending on your preference there are several methods to add bootstrap styling to Angular 6 app. Method 1: This is the simplest way using CDN links for bootstrap core files and required Javascript. Get bootstrap compiled assets:  Copy the links to the main app ...

Remove an Element from an Array in Javascript

The simplest way to remove a particular element from an array in Javascript is to use the "splice()" method. First find the index of the element you want to remove with the indexOf() method.  var arr = ["apple", "mango", "orange", "banana"]; // say ...

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