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3 Completely Free & Open Source Wireframe Tools for Creating Mock Ups

When working on client projects, mockups tools are great for quickly demonstrating the probable layouts of web and mobile apps. While there are paid tools out there with dozens of features for creating professional grade wireframes/mockups, not every UI ...

Top 91 Free Web Proxies to Access Blocked Websites

Here is a list of best proxy sites list to access website that your ISP may have blocked. At the time of writing this article all proxies are working 100%. (more…) ...

40 Sites to find, share & test code snippets online

When you are working on a project, often you come across the need for a block of code that performs a certain function, or display a certain layout. Some 10 years ago the choices were limited for developers to find such ...

Top 72 Image Sharing Sites to Find FREE Stock Images for Commercial Use

Why pay when you can have it free? There are hundreds of free stock images sites on the net for your personal and commercial projects. It was a different scenario some 10 years back. There were hardly any free stock image ...

Redirect Your WordPress Domain from non-www to www

This tutorial is applicable to all types of sites, not only WordPress. When you install WordPress, you get 2 options to set your website's primary URL. You can set the site with something like or you can skip the www ...

Create Flipp-able Books with flipHtml5

Flip HTML5 is a digital publishing platform. You can use this platform to generate to create visually attractive flipp-able online books. Using flipp-able books created with this platform gives you the experience of flipping real pages of a book. (more…) ...

Download 50 USA States List – Excel/CSV/SQL/JSON

While working with US based clients, I often needed to use lists containing all the 50 states in the USA. In most cases this list is required in one of the following formats (more…) ...

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