Fix MySql Server Gone Away error While importing Blob content

Typically this error occurs when a column/field contains binary objects. Binary large objects (BLOB) packet size is usually bigger than other type of content as String and Arrays. 

This solution applies to windows environment only. Tested in Xampp with PHP7 and windows7 ultimate.

Find the config button in your Xampp control panel. Click on my.ini option. It will open the mysql configuration file. Look for the lines:

max_allowed_packet – change its value to something higher, i prefer to set it to 128M
innodb_lock_wait_timeout – change the value to something like 500 (or higher if needed)
innodb_log_file_size – I set it at 25M
innodb_log_buffer_size – I set it  25M

Next – stop the MySql server by clicking Stop button in Xampp control panel. Then restart it. 

Now you can upload the sql file with binary fields.