Telemedicine App with Video Consultation(Updated)

I am releasing a telemedicine app with the following features

  1. Appointment scheduling and booking
  2. Video Consultation
  3. Patient record keeping
  4. Digital prescription
  5. HIPPA compliance

This software is best suited for clinics and hospitals that want to implement a telehealth and remote patient care platform.

One important feature of this app is the ability to integrate any 3rd party patient history and record keeping system with an API.

UPDATE: Now this app comes with Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera control capability. Physicians can control the camera at patient’s end through a web interface.

The whole system can be used in a local area network – like a clinic or hospital setup. Or it can be used over the web just like any web-application.

This app is guaranteed to work on all modern browsers and operating systems – including Safari browser. This is also guaranteed to work on the slowest of connections.

Contact me at webdesignvista[at] for details and installation services.