The Different Types of Developers and What They Do!

I learnt PHP when I started developing websites. At that time I did not know much about the various developer types out there.

But as time went on, I came to know that there are many types of options available for a developer.

Mostly based on their skills, interests, and experience different developers choose different career paths.

So, here is a guide that summarises various types of developers you will encounter!

Software developer: A software developer is responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining software applications.

They may work on a wide variety of projects, including web applications, mobile apps, desktop applications, and games.

Front-end developer: A front-end developer focuses on the user-facing side of a website or application, creating the user interface and ensuring that it is interactive and user-friendly.

They may use technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop and design the front-end of a website or application.

Back-end developer: A back-end developer focuses on the server-side of a website or application, developing the algorithms and logic that power the application.

They may use languages such as PHP, Python, and Ruby to develop and maintain the back-end of a website or application.

Full-stack developer: A full-stack developer is a developer who has expertise in both front-end and back-end development.

They can work on all aspects of a website or application, from the user interface to the underlying algorithms and logic.

DevOps engineer: A DevOps engineer focuses on the integration and deployment of software applications.

They may work with developers and operations teams to automate the build, deployment, and testing of software applications.

Data scientist: A data scientist is a developer who specialises in analysing and interpreting large datasets.

They may use tools such as Python and R to develop algorithms and models that can extract insights and knowledge from data.

Mobile developer: A mobile developer is a software engineer or programmer who develops mobile applications (apps) which are specifically designed to work on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Mobile developers use different programming languages and frameworks, such as Java, C++, Objective-C, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

Game developer: A game developer is a software engineering professional who develops video games for consoles, personal computers, mobile devices, and other platforms.

Game developers may specialize in a particular video game console, such as Playstation or Xbox, or may develop for multiple platforms.

They may also create completely new games or create updates and expansions for existing games.

Machine learning engineer: A Machine Learning Engineer is a person who is responsible for developing, implementing and managing software applications to use data analysis and machine learning techniques.

He/She needs to have a sound knowledge in mathematics, statistics, computer programming and machine learning algorithms.

Programming languages usually used in machine learning include Python, R, Julia, Java and C++.

Cloud developers: These developers build and maintain applications that run on cloud computing platforms, such as AWS or Azure.

They use languages such as Java and Python, as well as tools such as Terraform and Kubernetes.

Embedded developers: These developers build software for embedded systems, such as devices that control machinery or other physical systems.

They use languages such as C and C++, as well as tools such as RTOS and IoT frameworks.

Cyber Security developers: These developers build and maintain systems to protect against cyber attacks and other security threats.

They use languages such as C and Python, as well as tools such as Wireshark and Burp Suite.

Actually no developer will fall into any particular category strictly. Developers have to wear many hats and often required to switch hats as per the requirement.

The categories given above more about functional distinction of developers than anything else!