Woocommerce WDV Storefront Homepage Control Plugin

Woocommerce storefront theme shows as lot of stuff on its default homepage template. Starting with a hero section on the top, it shows categories, new items, recommended, favorites and best sellers. All this can clutter up the homepage. I have created a plugin to fix that.

Vista Storefront Home Page Control plugin allows you to control the display of default sections on the Woocommerce Storefront Theme homepage. It also allows you to control the categories section on the home page – you can hide/show any category on the home page, or remove the entire category section on the home page.

Note that this plugin works on Woocommerce Storefront theme only. If you need support for any other Woocommerce theme then contact me for a custom solution.


  • Download plugin zip
  • Go to WordPress dashboard
  • From Plugins section on the left menu click “add new”
  • Upload plugin zip file
  • Activate the plugin


On activation this plugin adds a Vista WCSF menu to dashboard. Options on the plugin admin page are self explanatory.

You can hide any section on the homepage by selecting the corresponding select item under Hide Blocks.

Display Categories section allows you to show any number of non-empty categories on the home page. Note that you can show sub-categories (1 level deep) also unlike the default Storefront theme where you can show only the top level categories. Also note that the settings on this section works only when the Hide Categories option under Hide Blocks is not selected.

Download the plugin from official WordPress Repository

For any issues, feedbacks post comments below.